Digital calligraphy and painting apps

Beautiful lettering.

When your method of communication is typing on a keyboard, you will rarely take a pen and write some words on a white paper. It’s more rare to draw letters with a calligraphic pen.

The digital devices seem to put pens and papers far away from your writing tools. In the contrary, mobile digital devices allow the real come back of handwriting and lettering. Because digital handwriting will not waste papers, ink and other supplies, and (the best of all) will bring powerful tools to your fingertips.

We have created really versatile apps for calligraphers and penmen. These lettering arts can be learned step-by-step with models, exercises and creativity tools.

Calligraphy Art and Calligraphy Handbook provide Gothic, Roman, Uncial and other classical hands. Ductus and guide-lines make the learning more pleasant. Letters and words to trace make calligraphy more accessible to beginners.

Calligraphy Penmanship takes advantage from the Apple Pencil for the management of pressure sensitivity. Writing Copperplate Script or Old English hand will be more fluent than with a real steel pen nib. Precise pressure and smoothness controls allow the pen to fit totally to your writing style.

Digital painting

Drawing Box was launched on the App Store since 2011. It was one of the first painting app on the Apple iPad.

April 2012: Drawing Box was awarded “app of the week”. With the booming of downloads, its ranking was rocketed to the top of App Store (#1 overall in France, #2 overall in China, ranked in top 10 in a large number of countries, including UK and USA).

DRAWING BOX is recommended by schools for their students for its creativity tools and recreational features.

*** Drawing Box wins a prestigious Parents’ Choice Award, placing it among the very best mobile apps that entertain and teach with flair, stimulate imagination and inspire creativity. Parents’ Choice Foundation has been reviewing and recommending quality children’s media for more than 33 years. According to Parents’ Choice Foundation, “Silver Honor.”

Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s first and most respected nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys. An independent testing and information organization since 1978, Parents’ Choice is dedicated to providing trusted recommendations for books, toys, music, video games, digital media and more. (

*** Reviewed and rated 5 stars by the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (

Drawing Box Free is the trial version. Users can test the full premium version during 24 hours before buying it.

Drawing Box Mobile is the condensed version for iPhones. Used mainly outdoor for sketching sessions or quick note taking.

Draw It Easy: is the app for learning how to draw cartoon characters and objects step-by-step.

Drawing Box Pro is the most complete version for professional advanced users. It offers multi-layers management, a huge choice of drawing and painting tools. Paintings are organized in blocks, then can be easily sorted and exported.